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Basic info
Name: Ioana
Age: 16
Location: Ontario, Canada

List 5 bands and give a reason why you like them:

Into Eternity- Great inspirational lyrics. Great melody, a completly new sound. The band memebers are really great guys to chill with, loads of fun. Their shows are a blast.

Manson- Great lyrics (once again) just plain out sounds great.

Slipknot- I just love them! Great music. joeys too hot for his own good.

No Assembly Required- Fun! Totally new sound, amazing.

American Head Charge- AWESOME sound i just love it.

Whats the best show you've been to?

Probably my first Into Eternity show, it was a blast, chilled witht he bassist for like 2 or 3 hours got some great pics and the guys are really cool guys.

And Please post at least 2,3 pictures under a lj-cut
I dont really know how to do that....im not too skilled in that area
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