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Name: Karli
Age: 16
Location: New Milford, CT
List 5 bands and give a reason why you like them: Cradle of Filth- I think Dani has a awesome voice and their music videos never seize to amaze me. Lamb of God- They're one of my favorite bands. Shadows Fall- Damn, they know how to work the crowd. Arch Enemy- One of the best bands with a female vocalist I've ever come across. Killswitch Engage- I love their music and ever since I saw a special with them on Uranium I've always thought they seem like they'd be really awesome to hang out with.
Whats the best show you've been to? Shadows Fall with All That Remains and Full Blown Chaos, me and my friend were so close to the stage and right next to the speakers it kicked so much ass, and there was crowd surfing...it was insane with so much energy.
And Please post at least 2,3 pictures under a lj-cut

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